Project Your Essence

Project your essence upon the world. Do not let the world project its essence upon you, because it will. It will snuff out your joy like the fire snuffs out oxygen. It will take your optimism and break down every foundation of it until it is but a withering old tree caught within the tumultuous […]

The Order of the Count [Short Story]

He traveled through the abyss and down the darkened halls. Through the steel bordered door which had been adorn with crystal jewels and the like and, when he turned that knob cautiously, a half-hearted push set forth a rather ominous moan from the antique door. Inside his eyes were struck with astonishment, but, before we […]

What is SAGA?

An interesting question, indeed. Allow me to answer: SAGA is short for the word Sagacia, an ancient flat-world (of my creation) populated by many races and creatures. It is a world that is being created day by day. As each book is written, so another part of Sagacia is revealed to you. As you gain […]

The Seventh [Short Story]

THE SEVENTH The heavens, once blessed with a clear blue had been robbed of its vitality. The optimistic and early summer day had been taken away, and this brought the towns peoples’ curious sets of brown, green and hazel eyes to the sky. The sparse clouds were not happy with this abrupt change, but at this […]

The View Finder [Short Story]

THE VIEWFINDER DeAlexander Clarke Genre: General Fiction And so the young man sat upon the old park bench just outside the bus-station. It was a small area, surrounded by a few isolated trees, and immaculately paved just to the right of that bench, a stone road, winding in and out, creating a sort of distortion. […]