Sometimes I be acting.

Yeah, I be doing that too… Here are  a few monologues I’ve done so far. Warning. Be prepared for extreme intensity and entrancement. If you made it through and enjoyed it, feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel for more and also add me on instagram @quincydeclarke  

The Unseen Records [Short Story]

The Unseen Records She walked along the busy Manhattan street, her eyes darting back and forth and her hands slipped into her leather pockets, offering her a bit of relief from the wintry winds. Within those crystal clear eyes there was an apprehension; a fear of something she wished to avoid. Each step sent those […]

DeCLARKe – 1943: The EP

  Almost two years ago, I had an idea to do a urban sci-fi book called 1943. A story about a young rapper who gets thrown back in time to Harlem to, you guessed it, 1943. I said, hmm, a good idea would be to make an short album as well. So I produced the tracks, […]

The Order of the Count [Short Story]

He traveled through the abyss and down the darkened halls. Through the steel bordered door which had been adorn with crystal jewels and the like and, when he turned that knob cautiously, a half-hearted push set forth a rather ominous moan from the antique door. Inside his eyes were struck with astonishment, but, before we […]