“You are a peculiar one,” said DeClarke’s sister as she sets her piercing, yet inquisitive eyes upon him. DeClarke (Born and named after Quincy Jones) is an author, and music producer originally from Brooklyn, New York. As a child, he was heavily engaged in the arts, spending his leisure time in that spacious Brownsville apartment complex while practicing his sketching. Son of two charismatic ministers, he attended church every week, soon growing fond of the drums at age 6.

A natural for rhythm, he took to the crisp snaps of the snares, and the bombastic rumbling of the kick-drum. He spent eight years developing his knack for rhythm until his mother and father separated. At 14, he abandoned his dream for art, and took up music production. It was not easy, as the burden of single motherhood did not allow him the pleasure of attending any specialized music schools. So DeClarke took his destiny into his own hands, borrowing books from the library in order to teach himself music theory.

There were many genres to be admired, but he developed an interest in Classical, Jazz and Smooth Jazz. These were the three genres that would serve as the foundation of his style. The smooth and gentle EPs; the staccato strings, and synth leads trailing in a skip-like fashion, accompanied by the pounding hip-hop kicks offers a blend of the old school and the new school that many have described as ‘Organic’.

He is the traditional artist. An introvert by nature, but extrovert in musical expression. A rebel with a cause; that cause being to bring the ‘feel-good’ back in music. Taking that listener away for three minutes, and offering them a bit of relief from the daily struggles. To give the world music that not only heals, but gives you the feeling that you are hearing it for the first time, every time.