Project Your Essence

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Project your essence upon the world. Do not let the world project its essence upon you, because it will. It will snuff out your joy like the fire snuffs out oxygen. It will take your optimism and break down every foundation of it until it is but a withering old tree caught within the tumultuous winds, and it will take your very peace of mind, and transform it into a raging storm with no end in sight.
Protect your essence, and project it, because if you don’t; those who lack one, will seek to steal it. They will use emotional pleas to draw you in, and once they have you, they will slowly drain from you, every part of who you are until you are nothing more than a hollow shell.
They will see the fire in you. They will see the passion and they will seek to destroy it, by whatever means at their disposal. You must attack before they do; fortify your stronghold or you will be left miserable, only filled with a false inner virtue as if you have done something similar to Jesus Christ.
No, but you haven’t. You have only surrendered what is dear to you, little by little, piece by piece, collecting within the worlds trophy room; the world looking upon its new collection with admiring eyes. The world’s cold gaze cares nothing about the author of this essence. It is just a new addition to its extensive collection.
And when you are long gone, the world will sit upon its sofa, cigar in hand. It will light it rather nonchalantly, and take a few puffs, with a sigh of accomplishment. The world, what a cold fucker you are.

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